Beehive air for respiratory therapy

10. July 2018


Treatment with bee products to maintain health and healing from illnesses is one of the oldest healing methods known to man. The medicine of the bees is gentle, yet powerful, effective, and well-tolerated.

In addition to nectar, bees collect other valuable substances, such as essential oils, honey flavonoids, bee pollen, bee wax, and bee propolis. Bees release these substances into the hive air while flapping their wings. This process also creates heat and ventilation inside the hive.

Recommended for

  • Hay fever
  • Sinusitis
  • Asthma, Bronchitis
  • Infection-susceptibility

How does beehive air therapy work?

An apitherapy centre has several beehives. The hives bee entrance opening faces towards the outside of the apitherapy centre. Thus, patients have no direct contact with the bees inside the centre. The Beecura inhalation device gently sucks the beneficial air inside the beehive and directs it via a heated tube through a fine mesh to the inhalation mask.

ApiPro Natura Beecura Skizze-Bienenstockluft


The beehive air sessions take 30-minutes.

Before the first treatment session, a medical practitioner or health practitioner will examine the patient. He will need the patient’s medical history, and the number of therapy sessions will be determined. Subsequently, a doctor or naturopath will perform a 10-minute beehive air test with the patient. The test is vital to exclude any allergic or anaphylactic reactions to beehive air.

Twenty-four hours later, the first therapy application for the patient can take place. A doctor or naturopath will perform a spirometry (PFT) test. He will determine if it needs to be done before and after each treatment. The constant presence of the doctor or alternative practitioner during each treatment is not required.

The staff in the therapy center is responsible for the coordination of all treatments and the clean and functional state of the therapy station.


For reasons of hygiene, each patient receives a patient box with a mask, tube, and valve.


The treatment sessions can be carried out in the bee-flying season from May to September.

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