Beehive air for respiratory therapy

10. July 2018

About us

Beecura GmbH is the manufacturer and distributor of the beecura® system. The business was founded from the sole trading business Apipro Natura in 2021. Our company is based in Crottendorf in the “Erzgebirge” in Saxony, near the German-Czech border. Here we manufacture the beecura® system which was developed with our trusted business partners, HSK Hugo Stiehl GmbH for plastics processing and WEMT GmbH for electronics.

Jürgen Schmiedgen is the Managing Director of Beecura GmbH and developer of this inhalation system designed for beehive air therapy. With his many years of experience as an apitherapist and organic beekeeper, a system has been created that makes the unique benefits of beehive air reliable and hygienic for people. At the same time, it enables bee-friendly beekeeping.


The Beecura® system was found to be safe to use in a clinical study.

In 2019, our BCS-IH 16 inhalation device was the only device of its kind in the world to receive approval as a class IIa medical product (Certificate No. 0494 / 109890N4).

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