Beehive Air Therapy with the beecura® Inhaler – Safe and Hygienic

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One area of apitherapy is beehive air therapy. This form of Therapy uses the beehive air with the ingredients it contains. It is mainly used for respiratory problems and allergies. Various points must be observed so that this Therapy can develop the desired effect.

What is Beehive Air

Bees create a consistent environment in their hive. They use their bodies to heat the air to around 35 degrees. At the same time, there is the humidity of 70 to 75 per cent. The bees continuously circulate this air. Components of honey, bee pollen, beeswax and bee propolis are released into the air. This is how bees create unique beehive air.

With beehive air therapy, patients regularly inhale hive air directly from the beehive. A straightforward concept. For the desired therapeutic success, however, it is essential to consider various things:

  • A doctor or alternative practitioner must always accompany the Therapy.
  • An allergy test and a bee-safe environment prevent allergic reactions.
  • The bee air must reliably reach the patient with all its ingredients.

In particular, many users and operators of Therapy offers underestimate the importance of the last point.

A well-thought-out system for safe stick air therapy

One would use an inhalation device combined with a hose and a breathing mask to breathe in the air from the hive. The inhalation device sucks the bee air directly from the beehive. It goes through via heated hose and into the breathing mask, and the patient can then inhale the bee air.

  • The beecura® system works according to this procedure. Several properties make this Therapy both safe and effective. These include:
  • An insulated inhaler with an encapsulated medical device standard control unit
  • Heated air hose
  • Breathing valve with a special membrane

Inhalation device (BCS-IH16) complete with heated hose, valve and breathing mask

Due to the relatively high temperature and humidity of the beehive air, condensation naturally occurs when it hits colder surrounding surfaces. If this happens inside the control unit, corrosion can occur. In the worst case, mould and bacteria can also develop inside the device. The complete encapsulation of the control unit of the beecura® inhaler prevents this.

Another undesirable effect of condensation: With the moisture, the beehive air’s active substances are also deposited in the condensate. A heated hose prevents the formation of condensation so that all of the bee air components reach the patient in full.

A valve ensures that the patient only inhales fresh beehive air with each breath. It prevents exhaled air from flowing back into the tube.

Thanks to its properties, the beecura® system was classified as safe to use in a clinical study. The BCS-IH 16 inhaler is certified as a medical product (class II a) (certificate no. 0494 / 109890N4).

Medical care and individual treatment for optimal treatment success

As part of Therapy with the beecura® system, a therapy session always takes place in a bee-safe room and with medical care. That means: Before the first treatment, a doctor or alternative practitioner carries out a comprehensive anamnesis. It defines the scope and duration of the treatment. An allergy test ensures that patients are not allergic to components of the beehive air. Each patient receives a personal patient box. It contains a heated hose, a breathing valve, a breathing mask and an individual therapy plan.


An effective beehive air therapy requires a reliable supply of beehive air for the patient. The beecura® inhaler, certified as a medical product, and all other components of the beecura® system enable safe, hygienic and therefore effective beehive air therapy.

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