First Beehive Air Therapie Konference 2022

On March 5th and 6th, 2022, the first German-speaking online Beehive Air Therapy conference took place. The topics on the first day included the location for the apiary, medicinal plants, beekeeping standards for medical beehive air therapy and identification of chemical compounds in beehive air. The topics on the second day included all relevant information on the use of medical beehive air therapy.

Here you will find the videos of the event and the PDF presentations (in German)

Video playlist German-speaking online conference on March 5th and 6th 2022

For subtitles in your language, click on settings underneath each video, then select subtitles/CC. This will open a new select option. Here choose auto-translate and select a language from the drop-down list.

Please be aware that most of the pdf presentations are in German.

Saturday, 5th March 2022

Day 1 – 1 – Introduction to indications and use of beehive air (in Englisch) – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 1 – 2 – Bee-friendly medicinal plants useful for BHAT – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 1 – 3 – Apitherapy apiary as the foundation for the use of beehive air – Arno Bruder

Day 1 – 4 – Apiary and beekeeping standards for medical beehive air therapy – Jürgen Schmiedgen

Day 1 – 5 – Chemical free beekeeping as the foundation for beehive air therapy – Kurt Tratsch

Day 1 – 6 – Conclusions on medicinal beekeeping – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 1 – 7 – Bee houses for beehive air therapy in Romania and around the world – Alina Felicia Varadi

Day 1 – 8 – Identifying chemical components of beehive air – Tiago Guardia

Sunday 6th March 2022

Day 2 – 1 – Pharmacology of beehive air therapy– Tiago Guardia

Day 2 – 2 – Indications and use of beehive air therapy – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 2 – 3 – Medical experience with beehive air therapy – Dr med Antje Jäger Hundt

Day 2 – 4 – Own therapeutic experiences with beehive air – Corinna Stoiber

Day 2 – 5 – New findings on the use of beehive air – Jürgen Schmiedgen

Day 2 – 6 – Contraindications and limits of beehive air therapy – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 2 – 7 – Recording and analysis of patient data – Jürgen Schmiedgen

Day 2 – 8 – Rules and principles for a complete beehive air therapy protocol – Dr med Stefan Stângaciu

Day 2 – 9 – Beehive air therapy and integrative medicine – Stefan Stângaciu

Day 2 – 10 – Experience with Beehive air therapy, Api Wellbeing and Api Tourism in Slovenia – Tanja Arih Korošec

Day 2 – 11 – Our experience with Api-aromatherapy in kindergarten – Nina Ilic




Many thanks again to the conference organisers and all speakers that made this event possible.



Stefan Stângaciu (Romania):

Arno Bruder (Germany):

Jürgen Schmiedgen (Germany):

Tiago Guardia (Canada):

Beate McKenzie  (United Kingdom):



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